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There Can Only Be One Tool

Let’s play a game! If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one thing, what would it be? If it were me and I could only have one tool – obviously it would be my needle nose pliers! Yes, I know there are so many different tools out there that do amazing things. Why would I chose one of the most basic tools? Does that mean I’m “basic”? Nah…. But if I was polled among 100 craftspeople, I wouldn’t be shocked if there were many that chose an obscure tool that does crazy things – and...

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Why I Have Ruined Jewelry Shopping for Myself

Unfortunately – I can tell the cheap materials from the quality materials and I'm vocal about it. Now that I know all this information, my friends and family refuse to buy me jewelry (even the quality products) because they think I am hard to please. I can't help that I don't keep my opinions to myself... It’s a double edged sword I guess ;)So, here I go - about to (hopefully not) ruin jewelry shopping for you. Most manufactured “costume jewelry” you see in stores have this bright gold finish. So, you may find that the Gold Plated jewelry will turn...

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